Where you'll find everything from high quality signature tattoo services and works of art for your viewing enjoyment. We're also a pretty happening spot to be at for special events downtown and especially on First Friday. Come down and check us out!

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18 years
Every artist’s price range will be different depending on skill set and experience. Come in today for a free consultation.
Yes, the needles are brand new every time.
We will take walk-ins whenever we can but appointments are recommended.
Instructions will be given by your artist upon completing your tattoo.
To help you choose an artist you would like to book time with, we recommend looking through all the artist’s portfolios. Each artist has their own unique style. By looking at everyone’s work, you can then decide which artist best suits your needs. After choosing an artist, you’ll receive a free consultation – sometimes right then, or sometimes it’ll be scheduled. A deposit will be required to secure your appointment, and will be put towards the cost of your tattoo. Your deposit is non refundable if you cancel your appointment or do not show up.